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crikey_ladies's Journal

Where did you get that skirt?
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This is a community created for the lovely ladies who wear Crikey, Chief! clothing. Joining couldn't be simpler - just click on 'join community'!

My name's Kate and I'm your moderator/manufacturer. If you want to get in touch, feel free to leave a comment on my journal, message me through eBay or send me an email.

I will post pictures of all my items here before they go up on ebay a little less than once a week and give you the opportunity to buy them direct from me without waiting ten days and losing out to a nasty sniper.

The first twenty people who join the community will qualify for flat-rate reduced postage on my eBay things - only £2 however much you buy (including recorded delivery)! That's just within the UK though, I'm afraid. I will run loads of exclusive offers here, too, but this will have to be one of the most generous - I'm unfortunately not made of money.

When you joing the community please comment here with your eBay username, and when you win an item, please remind me that you are a member here in order to qualify for your discount.