Katie in a box of chilled Jaffa Cakes. (kathleenalice) wrote in crikey_ladies,
Katie in a box of chilled Jaffa Cakes.

New Skirts!

Hello ladies!

So, this week's skirts are all made from some of the lovely vintage stuff I've collected recently. Some of it's never been used before, so I've had loads of fun thinking how to best showcase it.

I'm in love with the Ed the Duck skirt, but I'd have to say that my pick of the week is the My Little Pony one. It's just so sweet and girly.

It's coming up to Download time, and I'm in need of money sharpish! I will need at least fifty baked bean and saussage toasties. Therefore, if you make me a decent offer, I may well take the auction down for you. Similarly - if you want a custom piece, please get in touch.
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