Katie in a box of chilled Jaffa Cakes. (kathleenalice) wrote in crikey_ladies,
Katie in a box of chilled Jaffa Cakes.

I just keep giving...

OK, ladies...the inaugural competition.

The prize: Your choice of a free lucky-dip skirt*, or 50% off your next invoice.

And what do you have to do?

I need pictures of you, out and about in something I've made. It really couldn't be easier. The best one (judged by me - it's an impartial competition, see...*ahem*) wins. Simple.

The closing date is June 13th (which is when I get back from Download) so go on - get snapping.
The closing date has been extended because I have had no submissions! I'm now giving you until June 30th. The chances are, just submitting *anything* will mean that you win - so don't be shy!

You can either leave your pictures here, or email them to me at ponyponypony at gmail dot com.

*I'll make sure it's one that fits you, don't worry.
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