Katie in a box of chilled Jaffa Cakes. (kathleenalice) wrote in crikey_ladies,
Katie in a box of chilled Jaffa Cakes.

Sorry this one's a little late - these all went up on Friday.

There's been a bit of a gap because I've not been well and I didn't think that it was fair to list things when I wasn't sure that I'd be able to post them. But I'm all better now, and so I bring you...

Last time I made this dress in green, and it proved quite popular, so here it is in red and black!

This one's totally off-the-wall, but I reckon it's cute.

We have another MLP halter dress, with a slightly different pattern.

I've made a really beautiful, long rainbow brite dress too. This one won't be made again as I've never seen this print again.

Finally - and I think this one's my favourite - A really cute off-the-shoulder Miffy dress.

Finally, may I reccomend that you check out Princess Wonkle? Some lovely jewellery type gubbins including supercute Care Bears stuff.

p.s. I have a degree! Go me.
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